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VISION utilizes the well known technology of GPS tracking unit(s) built and configured specifically for the Specialty Asset market.  Our units and platform have gone through months of testing and refining to assist us in delivering the best instant information product for Manufacturers, Floor Plan Lenders, and Dealers of all Specialized Assets.  

The unique VISION units and monitoring profiles, enable us to provide the easiest installation and lowest cost, monitoring and data service available.  Each VISION unit is uniquely powered to last up to 5 years without any other power source.

VISION is also the ONLY product of it's kind to incorporate 24/7 call center backup to allow you to focus on your core business.

VISION is not only meant to track an asset's location, but it also provides active monitoring for any kind of vibration or movement.  All VISION units arrive fully activated and ready to go.  Installation can be done by anyone and can be placed anywhere in or on your asset.  There are no wires to connect or phone calls to make, simply login with your provided username and password to get started.

VISION Asset Location and Management

VISION Asset Management Service is our flagship offering which will enhance and improve the industries we service. We utilize proprietary GPS Tracking Units and our own custom monitoring platform.


With the VISION Inventory App adding and removing  assets from trackers and the platform is an efficient process that takes less than 10 seconds.  By using special programming and the use of Bar Codes, OCR, and other Identification sources, the VISION Inventory App uploads critical asset information from anywhere.  This information includes who loads the information, when, and what exact geographic location.


VISION Inventory and User App

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You can find our App on both stores as

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