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the VISION GPS Program
a solution from asset acquisition to sale


The DUO program provides for you to own and use the trackers.  You gain access to the VISION platform and resources.  Since you then own each tracker, how it is used and sold is completely up to you.  The product can be used for inventory management and risk mitigation.  Upon sale of the RV, you are then able to sell the package to your customer as a retail add on.  

For the DUO program, to manage your assets, you only need to install the base unit which is a less than 5-minute process.  Different sensors are an option and can provide valuable marketing and traffic data but they are not required.

The DUO program can be used with any VISION GPS unit and on any asset.

The VISION program is the ONLY GPS based program that offers month to month monitoring for the Dealer.  No long term monitoring contracts here!


OBDII unit.jpg

The RETAIL program provides for you to sell the VISION hardware and services to your customer.  This model provides you with a one of a kind solution to provide safety and security resources to your customer.  Offer a full GPS based monitoring service that includes TPMS for their RV without the need for additional modules in their tow vehicle.  Additionally, since the unit is self-powered, your customer can check the status of their RV, its tires, and other items remotely via a text command or a mobile request.  

VISIONFlyer-Retail Offer.jpg

Retail product offering

TPMS Caps.png

VISION RV GPS (thesmartrv) is the final piece to the program.  VISION is a consumer facing program that offers every RV owner safety and security.  Specifically, the RV owner gets 24/7 information about their RV through a web or smartphone app interface as well as customized alerts and notifications. 


VISION also provides the ability to provide valuable alerts and information such as:

- TPMS for any non-powered asset

- Door open and close sensors

- Temperature and Humidity sensors

- Fluid sensors for use with propane tanks or water tanks

- Battery Level sensors for the RV battery

The VISION product is Solar Powered and contains a large enough back up battery to provide

constant power without ever having to worry about plugging it in or recharging it.


VISION programs provide for the hardware and all monitoring for a set annual amount, that meets the needs of the Specialty Asset space.  NO monthly subscription fees are required. 

Fluid sensor.png
Temp and Humidity.png

VISION Motorcycle/Powersports GPS 
Retail product offering

VISION MCV GPS units are specifically built for Powersports units.  

VISION MCV is a global 4G hardwired GPS tracker for motorcycles, bikes, cars, and other electric vehicles. This anti-theft motorcycle GPS tracker supports BDS/GPS/GNSS/LBS positioning technology, microsecond positioning, low latency return transmission, and provides 10+ alarm mechanisms to protect vehicles.

Fast and reliable. This GPS locator uses 4G LTE advanced technology, which provides higher network coverage and real-time positioning for your assets and fleet, ensuring a steady and high-speed connection. Once your installation is complete, your device will immediately start reporting every time the car is powered on and will continue reporting.

Real-time locating. This hardwired motorcycle GPS tracker provides real-time tracking with up to 5-second updates. So you can simply monitor activity, create alerts, and produce custom reports thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Geo-fencing. Create custom geo-fencing zones and receive notifications whenever the GPS tracker enters or exits one. You can effortlessly track and manage your vehicles and assets using over speed, severe braking, start/stop, vibration, power failure alerts, ACC detection, track playback, and remote fuel cut-off feature.

Built to last. With heavy-duty components like an IP65 weatherproof shell and a 100 mAh battery that lasts up to 180 minutes, this VISION MCV 4G hardwired GPS tracker is meant to last.

Additional Benefits. Vibration/Movement Alarm, Corner Compensation, Mileage Statistics, Maintenance/Service programming and notifications, Easy to use software and app

VISION programs provide for the hardware and all monitoring for a set annual amount, that meets the needs of the Specialty Asset space.  NO monthly subscription fees are required. 


For RENTAL units

The RENTAL program provides for you to own the trackers and access the VISION platform.  The program offers specific GPS trackers built for the Specialty Asset rental market.  Tracker type and Costs are structured around the use of rental assets.

Monitor via Computer or the free Mobile App

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Phone Screen

Web based Monitoring Screenshots

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